Parks, Trails, and Getting Active

I think that everyone probably has their favourite parks and, most likely, it is the one nearest them! It’s great to live in the “Garden City” and have such great access to the various parks and playgrounds around the city.

Here is info to get you started…

  • A list of parks, including playgrounds (A to Z) provided by Christchurch City Council
  • For a map pdf of the various parks and what there is to do there (ie. walking, biking, picnicking) go here.
  • For information on park walks, go here.

Information on trails

The Port Hills and it’s trails, go here.

And for walking/biking along the river, go here.

Get Active!

I’ve found that it’s so easy to get active in Christchurch! There are many opportunities to get outside. There are lots of places to visit – the porthills, beach, walking trails, parks…

Looking for active things to do as a family? Check out the Active Canterbury Network! It’s been a good reminder for us to get out and active!

The Active Canterbury Network is a coalition of agencies, trusts and organisations that promote physical activity and support people to lead active lives.  They have a strong community focus, supporting local activity providers, promoting events and providing an information hub.  If you are looking for physical activity information, or ideas on how to activate your family, check out the Active Canterbury website, it crammed packed with info and links to places, spaces and activities for kids.

Specific links include:

Are you looking for a specific activity?

There is also a search function on their homepage that links to the CINCH database – a good way to find out about activities around the city (you can search by location).  You can also call the 0800 ACTIVE phone service and ask.  Its FREE and provided by Sport Canterbury.

If you’re looking for activity ideas, or interested in getting more active – you may benefit from the information under Starting Out.  There is also info on Green Prescription and Be Active on the site – a great service for Mum’s needing extra support to get active.  You need a referral from a GP or Health professional but Sport Canterbury can help with this. Find more information about this service here.

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