Christchurch activities $10 or less

Have you looked at the free things to do in Christchurch and want more? Here are 9 things that are fun and will cost you $10 or less…

1.  Wharenui pool has a $3 swim for preschooler & parent (as well as other community pools)

2.  Go to Pioneer for a swim or a tumble with your toddler ($3.50 for each session).

3.  The Air Force Museum has a variety of tours ($5-8 per person) you can check out as well as a child’s scavenger hunt ($5 including a prize) to take part in.

4.  Halswell Miniature Trains is open every Sunday (1-4pm), weather permitting. $2 per person.

5.  Ice Trampoline and Tumbling sports in Rangiora has a $5 drop in session time. They also have preschool sessions.

6.  Get some fish and chips for tea and bring it to the park of choice (see #7 in the Free Things to do in ChCh page). Or eat it at the beach. Enjoy being together with friends or family!

7.  Grab a cup of coffee or a treat while your kids play. Search our Facebook forum for child friendly cafes here in Christchurch. There are some great options!

8.  Take a ride on the bus. See different parts of the city and suburbs than what you’re used to. For as little as $1.15 – 3.20, you can enjoy the sights.

9.  Head to Lyttelton – to their Saturday market, the weekly garage sales or to grab a coffee.

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