Riccarton Bush

Location: 16 Kahu Road, Riccarton

Website: http://www.riccartonhouse.co.nz/riccarton_bush/

Contact Email: info@riccartonhouse.co.nz

Contact: (03) 348 4277 or by mobile 027 412 4944

General info:Riccarton Bush is the sole remnant of kahikatea floodplain forest and holds national significance for New Zealand. The kahikatea trees are 600-year-old and are the latest generation of a forest that established on this site 3000 years ago. You can walk through the grove. It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk through the forest.

You can also go on guided bush walks. (From their site): “Guided eco tours through the ancient native forest of Riccarton Bush are available for groups of 10 or more visitors. Bookings are essential. Please contact our Ranger, John Moore, for further details and your requirements.” Contact numbers are above.