What is the purpose of Christchurch Mums?

My hope is to help connect mums in Christchurch. First off, to connect with each other. We all need community, right? Other mums who know what you’re going through and can relate. Secondly, to connect with the greater Christchurch community. As I started searching, I found so many great activities and things to do with kids in Christchurch! I thought it would be nice to have one simple place for mums to go to get a list of weekly activities where these things can happen.


Is it free?

Yes! This site and the weekly emails are entirely free. The hope is to always keep it free through community sponsors and advertisements. Again, connecting mums with helpful businesses in Christchurch as well as broader businesses, all relevant to Christchurch mums.


How do I get the free weekly activities emails?

Sign up! You can do that by going here.


How do I advertise with Christchurch Mums?

I’m glad you are interested in Christchurch Mums and connecting us with your business. My desire is to select sponsors – both local and broader – that match the needs of mums in Christchurch, with the hope to benefit all involved. Go here for more advertising info.


How do I submit an activity or other information to Christchurch Mums?

I would love site input or activity submissions! Just fill out the form on the “submit an event” page. I will be sure to check out the submission and add it if relevant to mums in Christchurch. Thanks!


Can I link to Christchurch Mums?

Yes! That would be lovely. Thanks for doing so. There is a button to link to up – find that here or you can grab it on the sidebar to the right.