image On Thursday my 6 & 3 year old and I went to check out Tothill’s Mazes! We had such a great time!

They currently have 2 mazes: a wooden maze (the only one in Christchurch) and seasonal corn maze (end December to April).

We brought along a picnic. They have tables to sit at, with a big lawn to play around in as well. We then tried out the wooden maze. You look for 36 different pictures within the maze. It was harder than what I expected, although each of us was also able to contribute in finding them. There was a group of 4 people that went into the maze around the same time. They split up in 2’s and made it a race… love that idea for when our kids are older (or my husband is along).

We took a short break and headed to the corn maze. Wow, it was amazing. Very well thought out and planned. You look for clues as you go along. It’s a murder mystery. We had fun looking for the clues and finding the answers. You get a sealed envelope which holds a map of the maze (thankfully!). We looked around for awhile, but eventually needed to look at our map. My 6 year old had a great time looking at the map and leading us to find the tower in the middle of the field maze.


Some general thoughts:

  • I think it will only get funner as my girls get older. My 6 year old loved it! My 3 year old enjoyed it though she got quite tired.
  • A baby carrier would be better to bring than a pram.
  • They say to bring water with you and it’s true! Bring water with you. Walking/running around and searching for stuff makes you thirsty!
  • The owner’s teenage daughter was working at the cafe when we were there. She is a delight! Clearly she has a love for their family business. She told us how the maze gets planned each year and some of what it takes to make it happen. I loved that we got to meet her.
  • Check out their website for all the info!

I would definitely recommend going to Tothill’s Mazes!

For about the price of going to a movie, you can enjoy being outside and do a maze scavenger hunt with family or friends. We had a great time!

AND you can too! Tothill’s Mazes has kindly offered a pass for a free entry for a family to one maze.

All you have to do to win it is leave a comment saying you want it on the review post on the Christchurch Mum’s facebook page!

The giveaway will run through the week and will end next Sunday night at 8pm. A winner will be randomly chosen. Enjoy!