This week’s interview comes from Anita. In her words she is “nearly 38, mum to nearly 3 year old Jacob, had 2 miscarrages, bike to work (full time), and drop Jacob off to preschool by bike trailer. I like swimming, running and biking for fitness when I can negotiate the time with husband Richard. Born and bred in Christchurch – it will take alot to make me leave!”

Thanks so much to Anita for taking time to answer these questions!


What is your favourite thing about living in Christchurch?

  • Being close to river, mountains, sea, hills.

What activity or place would you recommend to other mums who live here in Christchurch?

  • Have a play in hagley park, run around the fitness course, just be silly!

What has been your biggest challenge living in Christchurch post quakes?

  • Having childcare closed but still being expected to be at work (hospital).

Where do you see beauty in your life right now – as a mum, in your career, in relationships, in your home, in our city – that you would like to share?

  • Beauty is in the scenery of our city, the people at the park, in the cuddles and words of my son, no time for beauty routines (but there never was, just not my thing)