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I’m glad you are interested in Christchurch Mums and connecting us with your business.

ChCh Mums is a resource for mums as well as new comers to Christchurch to find children’s activities and events, local happenings and helpful advice for getting settled (into Christchurch or into motherhood!).

Christchurch Mum’s started in August of 2012. We steadily gain momentum with email subscribers, facebook pages, and website page visits. Here’s who we are currently (September 2015):

  • 5500 monthly unique visitors
  • Averaging 20,000 pageviews each month
  • 1484 weekly email subscribers
  • 2314 mums in the facebook group
  • 2358 facebook likes
  • More added to these each week! was also named one of NZ’s top Family Blogs for 2013 by

My desire is to select sponsors – both local and broader – that match the needs of mums in Christchurch, with the hope to benefit all involved.

There are a few different ways to get information about your business to mums in Christchurch using this site. We’ve just added the possibility to trade as well (see below)!

Advertisement Spots

Advertisements run on the right sidebar of the Christchurch Mums webpage as a button that links to your website/facebook page.

Besides the button, there will also be a link to your page on both the facebook page and group and in the weekly calendar. To have a specific post about your business, think about adding a review (see below).

Current pricing:

  • Large (300 x 125 pixels) – $20/month or $100 for 6 months (1 month free!)
  • Small (125 x 125 pixels) – $10/month or $50 for 6 months (1 month free!)


I’ve been thinking of trying this for awhile. It will be a process of figuring out each unique trade, but it’s one I think is worth figuring out! I recently read of the importance of trading. The interaction is meaningful and looks at things in terms of attributes and abundance, rather than wallets and money. Interested in an exchange? Maybe it’s a talent of yours, food/produce, a coffee, an event or something from your business. Email me and we will begin the exchange!

Featured Event

Would you like to make sure that you’re event is seen? Your event can be seen at the top of the weekly events email and weekly events post on the site for $5. The event must be an applicable family event that would be of interest to readers. It’s as easy as submitting an event and answering “yes” to this option. Contact me with any questions.

Reviews & Giveaways

A review of your business, cafe, product is a great way to help get the word out to families living in Christchurch! Please note: reviews happen on a case-by-case basis and only as they make sense for our family. Thanks for understanding if this is not a good time for me/us to complete a review.

You can simply have a review done or offer a giveaway to readers as well. Reviews are written by ChCh Mums’ creator, Jamie, and from the perspective of a mum living in Christchurch. Reviews are written in a positive manner. If a positive review can not be given, you will be notified and the review will not go on the site.

The review will also be mentioned on the homepage of Christchurch Mums as well as in the facebook group, page and in the weekly email.

If you want to give even more notice to your business, host a giveaway! A giveaway will be on the main site, listed on the facebook pages and in the weekly email. Winners will be picked randomly.

It is free to get a review of your business, but the product or service must be given/provided for free for the review to take place.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please email me with the details of your store/blog/class/goods and what kind of promotion you desire. I will get back to you. You can reach me at christchurchmums AT gmail DOT com or use the form below.

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