profile picHi! My husband and I, along with our 2 daughters, moved to Christchurch post quakes. We’ve definitely acclimated to this wonderful city! Christchurch is a great place to live. We have settled in and love it!

We also love doing life in community… everything from getting to know our neighbours to what’s happening at our local library.  Being away from family (as we always have been) we’ve come to rely on the friends that have come into our lives. In Christchurch we have found helpful people all along the way who have given us tips, directions and places to go. We are thankful!

I started thinking that there are certainly others who are new to Christchurch and would also like info on what’s happening here.

Besides new comers to the area there are new mums who would benefit on info specifically for mums in Christchurch.  It can be a lonely start with a newborn. It’s comforting to know that there are other mums out there for support.

So, why not have it all in one place?

So here I am… sharing information as well as gaining information (pipe in anytime!). Creating a space to share children’s activities, events, local happenings and helpful advice for finding necessities (like doctors, schools and playgrounds).

Please contact me at any time to share resources, add to the events calendar, ask a question or just say hello! If you want to know a bit more about me, I also blog at Baby Get Green.

Much love to you, wherever you are at in your journey of motherhood and of finding community.


{Below} Local organizations that are close to my heart… our church, who we foster through, and my volunteering with those bereaved by suicide, and where I work

The Well       OHF      skylightWaipuna