Today’s interview comes from Hazel of Hazel Loves Design. She got married to her husband Brad on 10.10.10 and next year they will have been together ten years. Brooklyn is their son, born 27.05.2011. They currently live in Mairehau with Brad’s parents, his older sister, a dog and a cat. In her words, “We make an interesting blended family!”. Make sure to check out her blog –!

Thank you for taking time to answer these questions Hazel!


What is your favourite thing about living in Christchurch?

  • We haven’t lived in Christchurch very long, only since late 2011. After having a premature baby, a cancer scare and major surgery we decided it was time to move home from Australia and surround ourselves with family! And so many fabulous things have happened since moving here.
    People are very welcoming and embrace ideas and concepts. I just love all that Christchurch has to offer and can’t imagine myself living any where else. Which is quite a statement for someone who until now has been quite nomadic!

What activity or place would you recommend to other mums who live here in Christchurch?

  • We have really been able to embrace Mother Nature since moving here, going for picnics at ‘The Groynes’ is one of our favourite summer weekend activities, my little guy just adores feeding the ducks and playing on the multitude of playground equipment.
    Hubby and I just brought ourselves a joint Christmas present… a tent! A little early for Christmas! But we are looking forward to creating some beautiful memories this summer.

What has been your biggest challenge living in Christchurch post quakes?

  • Having arrived after the major earthquakes I don’t feel like I have been challenged by the quakes, more that I have an opportunity to watch the rebirth of a city, watching it grow like a phoenix growing from the ashes.

    I have found that people here in Christchurch care so much for each other and the city doesn’t feel like a ‘rat race’ like you’d find in other large cities. I am sure this is because of the earthquakes, they put a lot of things into perspective for a lot of people.

Where do you see beauty in your life right now – as a mum, in your career, in relationships, in your home, in our city – that you would like to share?

  • There are so many fabulous things happening in my life it is so hard to embrace it all, my son is growing so much every day, so many firsts are happening in his life and his personality is shining through more and more.
    I have just returned to full time work, which in itself has been a challenge. But the opportunities that have been created because of that are absolutely amazing. I’m just lucky to work for an amazing company who are very understanding of the family values and the fact that have a young child in day care unfortunately often means requiring a few too many days off, when they catch colds and flus!
    On top of that my blog ‘Hazel Loves Design‘ has recently launched an online magazine ‘Hazed’ dedicated to the indie design world of New Zealand. The magazine has been fabulously received and I working on a number of collaborations as a result of the project.
    The beauty in my world is that I have so many fabulous things happening, the difficult part is the juggling act!