I am thrilled to start posting interviews from Christchurch mums! My hope is that there would be a new post each week. If you are interested in contributing, please email me at christchurchmums AT gmail.com.

Today’s interview comes from Miriam from Make It Give It and Create Hope Inspire. In her own words, Miriam is a “Crafter, Mama, Jesus-girl, Baker, Loud Laugher, Button Lover, Wannabe Philanthropist, Performer, Talker, Blogger, Clothes-Horse”. She creates and inspires hope!

I am excited that she took the time to answer the questions and got teary-eyed reading through her answers. Thanks Miriam!


What is your favourite thing about living in Christchurch?

  • I think Christchurch is a beautiful city, it remains charming but it has the resources of a ‘real’ city. I also love that it is so easy to access amazing outdoors experiences both within the city and further afield. Having been here for 6 years now I have also found it to be really friendly. There are also a great range of really good fabric and craft shops.
What activity or place would you recommend to other mums who live here in Christchurch?
  • For my under 5, tumble times at Pioneer has probably been the best thing we have got involved in. I also think the libraries and pools are amazing, and if you don’t mind the drive or live nearby a one year pass to Willowbank is awesome.   (ChCh Mums note: Tumbletimes and library events are on the Weekly Happenings page!)
What has been your biggest challenge living in Christchurch post quakes?
  • I think probably in recent times the frustration of road works everywhere has been a pain and I don’t actually spend that much time in the car. It has also placed much greater demands on my hubby at work. Aside from that I think for me it’s the powerlessness of being able to help friends who are still caught in difficult cycles of rentals with no timelines for when they may be back int heir homes. I also notice that many people seem to be really weary, emotionally and mentally I think a lot of people are running on empty tanks. Also I guess there is some sense of loss for me when I look at my boys and realise the trauma they have lived through – every city we visit my oldest one (6) asks ‘does this place have earthquakes?’
Where do you see beauty in your life right now – as a mum, in your career, in relationships, in your home, in our city – that you would like to share?
  • I see beauty everywhere! :o) I have found the gap filler projects and the yarn bombing and other things to be incredibly uplifting. I love that people are determined to spread hope with small gestures. I see beauty in my boys every day – I love that they are so quick to respond to any gesture of fun and attention we give them. I am really proud of my man and how hard he is working for the city we are building ‘for our children’. I also find Christchurch to be incredibly beautiful in terms of seasons – I love how marked the seasons are here (in contrast to other places in NZ). I love the daffodils that are bursting out in the garden and I love the creative energy and people that live in this city.