I am thrilled to continue posting interviews from Christchurch mums! My hope is that there would be a new post each week. If you are interested in contributing, please email me at christchurchmums AT gmail.com.

Today’s interview comes from Treena-Marie from Creative Mama – a creative blog about herself, crafty things she makes and her family. She is a true crafter and we, personally, have loved some of the lovely things she makes!


What is your favourite thing about living in Christchurch?

  • The sense of community and relationships I have with others

What activity or place would you recommend to other mums who live here in Christchurch?

  • Being a mum of boys going to a nearby park is always good or even traveling to other parks like the Westburn bike park always fun and just heading to the beach or going for a drive around to look for diggers.

What has been your biggest challenge living in Christchurch post quakes?

  • Getting from a to b with all the road works and detours and just feeling lost in your own city.

Where do you see beauty in your life right now – as a mum, in your career, in relationships, in your home, in our city – that you would like to share?

  • At the moment just watching my boys grow and hearing their perspective and logic of the world